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In the next quadrant, there are also people who are not quite in the most desirable state, but more than likely will head in that direction – they are actually On The Ball, but are not quite aware of The Ball that they need to be on at that particular moment. Generally speaking, these are young children that eventually learn about The Ball over time, and we refer to them as a “3” or STUDENT ACHIEVERS


Student Achievers are kids who exhibit On The Ball tendencies, but have not yet learned about The Ball. The Awareness, more than likely, starts somewhere in grade school. Instead of smiley faces, stickers, and stars, their schoolwork is returned to them with actual grades. They start to keep score in the sports they play. They begin to realize that there is a cause-and-effect to their effort and skill, and the result of, and perhaps the goal of, that activity or task. Indirectly, they are starting to realize there is a Ball out there, and the journey continues for quite a while.


The notion of calling them Student Achievers does not imply that school teachers are solely responsible for the journey of Ball Awareness. Parents are first and foremost, along with many other role models in a young person's life - coaches, club organizers, extended family, community leaders - people who all influence the lives of young people in a positive way.

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