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In the first quadrant, there are people who are in the most desirable state - they know there is a Ball to be on, and they are on it - that makes them a "1" - they are an ACHIEVER, on top of their game, and truly "On The Ball"


Ultimately, the definition of an Achiever within the Framework is the fulfillment of your goals and responsibilities (as defined by The Ball).

So, what does that mean? In the discussion about The Ball, it is up to you to define it, can and will change, and more often that not, is actually a series of Balls that are being prioritized and juggled.

The goals you define can be incredibly simple, and take minutes to complete, or wildly complex, and take years to see to their completion. Depending on the nature of a particular goal, responsibility, or aspiration, you will likely have to leverage a number of the 8 Traits in order to successfully fulfill that goal.

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