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In the second quadrant, there are people who are not quite in the most desirable state, but ideally making a plan to move in that direction - they know there is a Ball to be on, but at that moment, they’re not quite on it - that makes them a "2" - they are a BELIEVER, in hopes of becoming an Achiever


The definition of a Believer within the Framework is the establishment of goals, and/or the understanding of your responsibilities (The Ball), and triggered by the Ambition trait, are leveraging the Blueprint to Achiever and other 8 Traits to eventually fulfill those goals and responsibilities.


Even the best of Achievers need to regroup as Believers at times, as “the rules of the game” may have changed along the way, or your responsibilities increased, that create a need to get back On The Ball. No one should ever get angry or upset when that happens, as long as they recognize it, and can leverage their 8 Traits to get back On The Ball in as timely a fashion as possible.

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