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An understanding of how the 8 Traits are used together to build from Believer to Achiever, and get and stay On The Ball

Before going deeper into the traits that drive those that are Believers, and expanding to Achievers, there are two Foundational Traits that anyone who wants to be On The Ball must have to get started - Integrity and Curiosity. If those two traits do not exist, if you cannot hold yourself accountable to do the right thing, and if you are not prepare to be open to learning and trying new things, it is hard to get past this point.

The next three traits are important for Believers. In order to get on, or back on, The Ball, you have to be able to truly understand the root cause problem or challenge at hand, and doing so will like involve leveraging core Communication skills and/or Collaborating with others to understand the true nature of the issue. As On The Ball Believers, no one is saying that the problems need to be solved at this point, but you cannot effectively solve the problem without accurately identifying what it is you need to address first.

Next is the Trigger, Ambition. In order to actually solve the problem or tackle the challenge, you have to have more than just desire, but the willingness to start, and the strength and persistence to see through to the end.

Finally, the remaining traits help Believers become Achievers. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration skills, expanding from Problem Recognition to Problem Solving, with complex challenges coordinated through good Planning and Preparation, as well as solid Leadership skills.

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