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In the final quadrant, we find people who are in the least desirable state – not only are they not aware that The Ball exists, but they don’t seem to show any tendencies towards being On The Ball, either. Those that fall into this group are referred to as a “4” or RECEIVERS


At this point, there are some Receivers who are dependent on Achievers and Believers to get through their day-to-day activities, and may never progress out of this quadrant.


However, the balance of those in this quadrant, if they have the foundational traits of Integrity and Curiosity, they can build off of those traits, learn about The Ball (i.e., embrace responsibilities in life) and find a path forward to eventually become a Believer and an finally an Achiever. It may not be an easy path, but with the Collaboration of others as a support mechanism, arriving in the desired state can happen.

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