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What's this? How can you have a fifth group in a four quadrant model? We've actually carved out a special group of Achievers that we'll refer to as CONCEIVERS, and they not only are On The Ball, but have found ways to redefine what it means to be On The Ball for the rest of us.


A great example of a Conceiver is Henry Ford. While not the inventor of the automobile, he did envision a country with mass adoption and affordability of cars. By comparison, at the time, rather than Ford's "horseless carriage", those that were On The Ball simply wanted "faster horses" as their mode of transportation. Many challenges had to be addressed to change what had been thousands of years of thinking, including the reliability of cars, the infrastructure to drive them, and a network to regularly fuel them, but eventually, our Ball was redefined, and stables were replaced by garages with a Ford in most driveways.

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