Nov 27

The Pilgrims Were On The Ball

I am finding myself trying to tune out all of the Black Friday commercials on television, and not get pulled into the light-speed rush of starting the Christmas season before the turkey is even on the table.  I’m trying to at least enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday for what it is and stands for, and have been finding myself reflecting on the true struggles and hardships suffered by the Pilgrims their first year in Plymouth.

These people were believers and ultimately achievers (1’s by definition) as they set out to establish their colony and live freely. They were determined to succeed and worked together to accomplish their objectives. Through their sacrifice (the ultimate sacrifice in many cases), hard work, and their alliance with the Wampanoag their first spring, Plymouth Plantation began to flourish.  They demonstrated many of the Eight Traits in creating their new home away from England.  They were by no means perfect, but they believed, and ultimately achieved their goals.

So, as you struggle to find a parking spot at the mall because of the 4’s that can’t drive or park straight, or get frustrated with the 4’s arguing with the people working the checkout counters in the stores, think about who was really on the ball at the original Thanksgiving.