Oct 04

No Shortage of 4’s in Washington

Put your political preferences aside – Congress (both houses, both parties) and the President do not seem to be on the ball, and appear they do not know the ball even exists.  They violate all eight traits that serve as a framework as to whether someone is on the ball or not:

  • There are problems they cannot solve nor attempt to prevent
  • There is no clear plan to attempt to address the problems
  • There is an absence of true leadership to help move the issues forward
  • No one seems truly motivated to take real action, just a lot of posturing
  • The is absolutely no collaboration – there has been a growing divide between the parties, and all are to blame for the political tensions
  • There is zero communication – is it just a series of soap box sound bites aimed at angering the opposition
  • No one is holding themselves accountable – this has deteriorated into nothing more than school yard finger pointing
  • NO ONE is using common sense – that seems most obvious of all…

Over the years as the framework and model for the On The Ball Theory continued to mature, it was not my vision that someone or some group would actually go 0-for-8 on the Eight Traits that help determine whether you are really on the ball or not.  It’s actually rather depressing.

I don’t know if anyone ever really said our government was “designed by geniuses so that it could be run by idiots”, but Washington is certain filled with #4’s these days, and our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.