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Jul 04

Let Freedom Ring

With all of the strong range of opinions I’ve seen people express over the past few weeks, across a variety of topics, I continue to pivot back to wondering what our founding fathers would have thought about all of it. They recognized America as a great experiment, and that the nation can and would continue …

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May 25

Land of Opportunity

Happy Memorial Day to all of us in the United States! It is a great time of year, as students start winding down the school year, and we kick off the unofficial start to the summer vacation season. Second to the Fourth of July, it might also be the most patriotic holiday of the year. …

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Apr 25

Ban The Selfie Stick

Ok, maybe I’m old school. Maybe, for as much as I have embraced the advantages of technology I still like the simpler things. However, one thing I feel rather certain about – technology advances are eroding our general ability to engage in dialogue with one another. I’ll admit it, I text when I need to, …

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