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Jan 25

Block and Tackle Project Management

I recently had a meeting with a prospective client that asked me to describe my project management style, and to his surprise, my response was that I consider myself a “block and tackle” project manager.  The answer seemed to have caught him off guard for a minute or two, and opened the door for me …

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Sep 25

The 11th Hour Project Manager

I’m struggling this month.  I recently started work on a new client engagement and the work is well underway.  It is structured as a program, and I am now the seventh of seven project managers, each with a portion of the program to manage.  All seven of us are senior PMs, could probably manage the …

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May 27

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, General Grant

General Grant

I hope you are in the middle of enjoying a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.  As Memorial Day has gravitated over time to mark the unofficial start of summer in the United States, it is still an important annual event to pause and reflect on all of those who, in …

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Apr 27

One Part Solid Manager + Two Parts Strong Leader = An Excellent Solution

The debate of comparing managers and leaders is a long standing one.  Some people use the terms interchangeably, but to others the definitions are drastically different.  More often than not, “manager” is used to describe a workplace role or title, with a set of definite responsibilities and their success or failure is monitored in very …

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