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Name: Brian Dakin
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Brian Dakin continues to work on the book "The On The Ball Theory" and uses this website / blog for writing and posting topics related to the book in the meantime. You can contact Brian at

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  1. Let Freedom Ring — July 4, 2015
  2. Land of Opportunity — May 25, 2015
  3. Ban The Selfie Stick — April 25, 2015
  4. Leadership, Tournament Style — March 25, 2015
  5. Leadership of One — February 25, 2015

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Jul 04

Let Freedom Ring

With all of the strong range of opinions I’ve seen people express over the past few weeks, across a variety of topics, I continue to pivot back to wondering what our founding fathers would have thought about all of it. They recognized America as a great experiment, and that the nation can and would continue …

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May 25

Land of Opportunity

Happy Memorial Day to all of us in the United States! It is a great time of year, as students start winding down the school year, and we kick off the unofficial start to the summer vacation season. Second to the Fourth of July, it might also be the most patriotic holiday of the year. …

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Apr 25

Ban The Selfie Stick

Ok, maybe I’m old school. Maybe, for as much as I have embraced the advantages of technology I still like the simpler things. However, one thing I feel rather certain about – technology advances are eroding our general ability to engage in dialogue with one another. I’ll admit it, I text when I need to, …

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Mar 25

Leadership, Tournament Style

When my wife and I first started dating over twenty years ago, she started to ask me about my sports passions. I reassured her that while I enjoy watching a good game, she would not be a football widow each autumn. I also promised her that she would not loose me to a softball league …

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Feb 25

Leadership of One

A typical day in my work week is spent engaged as a Senior Project Manager, providing oversight for a given client’s technology initiative. From a functional perspective, I serve in the traditional role of project manager, monitoring the project schedule, budget, and scope of work. More often than not, I also find myself serving as …

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Jan 25

Block and Tackle Project Management

I recently had a meeting with a prospective client that asked me to describe my project management style, and to his surprise, my response was that I consider myself a “block and tackle” project manager.  The answer seemed to have caught him off guard for a minute or two, and opened the door for me …

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Dec 25

The Leadership of Jesus

When your BEALEADER post occurs on the 25th of each month, there is a chance it will occur on Memorial Day, or at least close to it.  The same holds true for Thanksgiving.  However, when it comes to your December posting, there’s no avoiding the fact that your post will be on Christmas Day. I’ve …

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Nov 25

Thank You, Mr. Gilmore

More often than not, when we think of leaders we think of “wow” factor, helping to guide others towards the achievement of a grand idea or vision.  Occasionally, the impact of leaders can be far more subtle, and the effects of their leadership may not be evident for months, or even years.  It is only …

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Oct 25

Ambition: A Critical Leadership Ingredient

Every now and then I stumble upon a “are leaders born or made” article, and I suppose there are arguments to be made for either side of that discussion.   However, I do believe the following two statements are true: “Born” leaders are also ambitious by nature You can’t be “made” into a leader unless you …

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Sep 25

The 11th Hour Project Manager

I’m struggling this month.  I recently started work on a new client engagement and the work is well underway.  It is structured as a program, and I am now the seventh of seven project managers, each with a portion of the program to manage.  All seven of us are senior PMs, could probably manage the …

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Aug 26

Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

Where_Have_All_the_Leaders_Gone _book_cover

During a BEALEADER chat in late June on the topic of ego and self-image, Lee Iacocca was mentioned during the chat as an example of a leader who had “swagger”, but not so much swagger as to come off as arrogant.  As a fellow alumnus from Lehigh University and long-time fan of his career, I …

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Jul 25

Best Advice For New Leaders: Lessons From “Big Brown”


When I first saw the July topic was “Best Advice for New Leaders”, I couldn’t help but think back 25 years ago when I was fresh out of college, diploma clinched tightly in my hand, and off to the races for my first job.  My field of study was industrial engineering (IE), and had spent summers …

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Jun 27

Accountability and Leadership Go Hand in Hand

A few weeks ago, #bealeader’s weekly chat on Twitter focused on the topic of Accountability.  The timing of this was extraordinary, as I had recently taken over a client project that was at that dangerous intersection of being salvaged or going right down the tubes.  What I quickly realized after the chat, and in connecting …

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May 27

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, General Grant

General Grant

I hope you are in the middle of enjoying a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.  As Memorial Day has gravitated over time to mark the unofficial start of summer in the United States, it is still an important annual event to pause and reflect on all of those who, in …

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Apr 27

One Part Solid Manager + Two Parts Strong Leader = An Excellent Solution

The debate of comparing managers and leaders is a long standing one.  Some people use the terms interchangeably, but to others the definitions are drastically different.  More often than not, “manager” is used to describe a workplace role or title, with a set of definite responsibilities and their success or failure is monitored in very …

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Mar 25

Complex Challenges Require Leadership Solutions


Every day we encounter problems and challenges in our lives.  Most are fairly simple and straightforward, and can be solved on our own.  Companies and small organizations deal with mid-size to larger problems.  In these cases, typically some type of management structure is in place, and teams of people are able to work together and …

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Feb 14

Communities Are Looking For Leaders Like You

As important as leadership is in the corporate world, it is equally important, and not nearly discussed as often, in our communities.  With the increased pressure placed on towns and school across the country to manage budgets and keep spending to a minimum, there is a greater and growing need for local organizations, typically driven …

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Nov 27

The Pilgrims Were On The Ball

I am finding myself trying to tune out all of the Black Friday commercials on television, and not get pulled into the light-speed rush of starting the Christmas season before the turkey is even on the table.  I’m trying to at least enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday for what it is and stands for, and have …

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Oct 04

No Shortage of 4’s in Washington

Put your political preferences aside – Congress (both houses, both parties) and the President do not seem to be on the ball, and appear they do not know the ball even exists.  They violate all eight traits that serve as a framework as to whether someone is on the ball or not: There are problems …

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Oct 04

New Approach

Greetings, I’m going to try a new approach to the On The Ball Theory blog and website.  My original strategy was to write sections of the book, and post them in order over time.  What I have found is the ideas for posting, etc., do not always match the original outline, and has resulted in …

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